Romney Taps Paul Ryan as Number Two on America’s Road to Recovery & Restoration

August 11, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Saturday he has chosen Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, a move that will bring the debate over how to reduce government spending and debt to the forefront of the race for the White House.

Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, announced that he has tapped the House of Representatives Budget Committee chairman at an event at the retired battleship USS Wisconsin — named for Ryan’s home state.

His leadership begins with character and values. … Paul Ryan works in Washington but his roots remain in Janesville, Wisconsin,” Romney said.

Romney said Ryan, 42, “has become an intellectual leader of the Republican Party,” and stressed that their campaign will focus on ways to create jobs, protect Medicare and Social Security, and repeal the health care law enacted under Democratic President Barack Obama.

Ryan’s confirmation was immediately greeted by conservatives. Fox News contributor Dick Morris said he has a “staggering intellect” which would put him in stark contrast to Biden.

He is one of the most truthful politicians there is,” Morris said on “Fox and Friends. “This guy says what he thinks, he doesn’t lie. He doesn’t prevaricate.” (Read more: Romney Chooses Ryan as Vice Presidential Running Mate)

“We can turn this country around. We need people who will tell you the TRUTH and not blame OTHERS. We promise you “equal opportunity,” NOT equal outcome.” ~ Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan

Commenting on the issue, American Patriot Alliance Executive Director and Founder, Robert Philip Dean stated,

“Today, we embark on a bold new initiative to bring America back from the brink of a Democrat-orchestrated economic, political and social collapse. This is not about ‘Hope and Change’, this is about RECOVERY and RESTORATION, a return to American Exceptionalism and stability as a world leader of individual freedom and liberties. The time for ‘change’ is over. Now is the time for a return to the moral values and principles set forth by our Founding Fathers in what is the greatest gift from God and the most incredible experiment in the history of human government. The selection of Congressman Paul Ryan will help lead this Nation back from the brink of collapse and restore the faith of the American people in a government that has been driven to the edge of socialism and destruction.

One of the most significant principles of the Founders was their belief in the individual’s right to “Life, Liberty & the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.” As Americans, its incumbent upon us to treat people FAIRLY, NOT EQUALLY. To do otherwise is to treat all people the same. That is a disservice to all involved. It is NOT government’s job to run your life, but rather present and make available to you the economic opportunities that will allow you to succeed. But even as Christ said, “Seek and ye shall find; Knock and the door shall be opened; Ask, and it shall be given unto you,” it begins with an action of OUR part, a desire to achieve a level of Eceptionalism on our own and through our own efforts. But we must be the ones to make the first move. There are NO guarantees of success, only the OPPORTUNITY to rise to a level of individual accomplishment. This is OUR TIME. This is OUR FUTURE, and that of our children. It is up to US to make this nation once again Exceptional. And by the grace, strength and guidance of God, our Father, we CAN make this happen! From a knee bent in prayer and gratitude, we shall rise from the ashes of economic and social instability and restore this most incredible Nation to one of historic moral values and founding Principles. I strongly feel Paul Ryan represents those same core values illustrated by the Founding Fathers.”



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