Marxism in America, Part One

October 26, 2012

If you are not aware  that Marxism exists in America, don’t feel alone, a lot of people aren’t. Marxists don’t go around announcing the fact that they are Marxists, but they came to America in the 1930′s and have been slowly infiltrating Hollywood, colleges, universities and other institutions ever since. They indoctrinated and recruited many of our young men and women, who in turn indoctrinate and recruit more young people, forming what we call the ‘political Left‘. Marxists came here specifically to destroy our society and ultimately our country. They are like Islamists in the sense that they take over inch by inch. Both of these ideological groups  know that Americans would never accept Communism or Sharia Law if were obvious of what they were doing. They are patient, meticulous and very deceptive. They do what is called ‘transvaluation‘, turn good into evil and evil into good( see Isaiah 5:20). It’s the systematic demoralization of America, nudging people away from God and toward the devil.  It’s called the ‘quiet cultural revolution‘  and has caused more damage to our society than you can even begin to imagine. Part two-Marxism and Political Correctness



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