An Open Letter to General John Allen, Commander, ISAF, Afghanistan

August 28, 2012

General John Allen, USMC
Commander, ISAF
U.S. Forces, Afghanistan


Dear General Allen;

Yesterday morning, I was informed about a comment you made concerning the recent Green-On-Blue killings that have occurred under your command in Afghanistan. To say that I was ‘FLOORED’ would be an understatement. I immediately began receiving emails and messages from active-duty military members and veterans, Gold & Blue-Star Mothers concerning your remarks. I decided to allow myself a 24-hour “cooling-off” period before responding in order to let my emotions subside. Let me assure you General, it didn’t work.

You comments in light of the MURDERS of U.S. forces by Islamic terrorists since the beginning of August are simply “APPALLING,” and show such an immense amount of disconnect and dereliction of duty on your part, to warrant being relieved of command; though that in itself would require a Commander-In-Chief who had a genuine love and concern for the men and women he commands. It is utterly DISGRACEFUL that a man wearing the uniform of a Marine Corps Four-Star General would provide such an pathetic, dishonorable excuse for the premeditated murder of our men and women who serve beside and train Afghan forces in an effort to assist them in restoring a minute sense of civility to an otherwise Islamic sewer, only to have them murdered by jihad. Let me first remind you of the comments you made via satellite with reporters at the Pentagon, in part:

 “…the rising number of attacks on U.S. troops by Afghan police and soldiers may be due in part to the stress on Afghan forces from fasting during the just-concluded Muslim holy month of Ramadan… fasting during the heat of summer and the peak of the fighting season is a significant contributing factor in their deaths.”

Are you SERIOUS, General? Your capitulation to the directives of Barack Obama to excuse such a historically murderous “religion of peace” are not only a discredit to the uniform you wear, as well as the history and traditions of United States Marine Corps professionalism, but show a degree of cowardice on your part to address an escalating situation among ISAF forces. Your comments have served to cause irreparable emotional harm to the families of the men and women who have served and died in Afghanistan with honor and valor and reduced it to yet ANOTHER politically-correct example of dhimmitude.

In case you are unaware, let me provide you with a statement in response to these and previous murders of U.S. forces, made by the head of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Mohammad Omar. They appear to provide us a more VALID explanation and a tremendous amount more credibility than yours:

“Thanks to the infiltration of the Mujahideen (holy warriors), they are able to (safely) enter bases, offices and intelligence centers of the enemy,” claimed Omar in the statement, released to mark the Islamic holiday of Eid al Fitr, the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

How can you HONESTLY, and with ANY degree of integrity, sit in a position of authority over U. S Forces and diminish these blatant jihadist murders to such a sophomoric claim of ‘hunger?’ Please explain to me then, General, the murders of six U.S servicemen August 10th in two separate attacks? Or the three US soldiers murdered during a joint Ramadan meal (the meal that one of the victims, Captain Menoukian, insisted his Marines observe) with their Afghan counterparts? Or the six men killed when an Afghan trainee opened fire during a training session? I don’t seem to understand your flawed logic here General. So far this year, more than 50 of our men and women have been killed in Green-On-Blue attacks and you have the audacity to blame it on the stress of FASTING by Muslims? Have you genuinely lost ALL sense of reason and reality? Have you even taken the time to learn about Islam and Jihad? But your comments reflect an entire series of blatant bullshit in response to continual attacks against U.S. forces. Let me refresh your comments for you:

“At this particular moment, I don’t believe that we need to contemplate reducing our contact with the Afghans. The closer [our] relationship with them — indeed the more we can foster a relationship of brotherhood — the more secure we are.”

How is that working out for you General? Because from MY perspective, not too well at all. But then again, according to reports from friends of mine in-theater, you did everything BUT bow down and kiss the local Taliban leader’s ass (in perfect Obama style) when several Quar’ans were accidentally burned, assuring them the charred remains of the “Book of Lies, Pedophilia & Murder” would be, “properly handled by appropriate religious authorities.” Did that have ANYTHING to do with the hundreds of Afghans standing outside the base screaming, “DIE, DIE FOREIGNERS!”? And in that same light General, let me ask your opinion, and maybe you can give me your perspective and explanation on this situation: What the hell do you call a Major in the U.S. Army (a MUSLIM, I should remind you) who stands on a chair on Fort Hood screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR” at the top of his lungs while MURDERING 13 Army members and wounding another 37? Oh wait, I forgot… YOUR Commander-In-Chief has labelled it “WORKPLACE VIOLENCE.” I now understand YOUR reasoning behind those callous bullshit remarks concerning the murders of U.S. forces as “stress related due to the heat and fasting during Ramadan.” Well done, General… well done.

I recently perused your official ISAF site and I am genuinely DISTURBED by the following message you sent out at the close of Ramadan in Afghanistan, and let me quote you:

“To the peace-loving and honorable people of Afghanistan:

Eide shoma Mubarak (Dari)
Akhtar – Mo, Mubarak-sha (Pashto)On behalf of all the members of ISAF and their home nations, I would like to extend best wishes to you and your families for the up-coming Eid Al-Fitr.

As this Ramazan draws to a close, I continue to reflect on the values of Islam – charity, community, cooperation and compassion. These are values held dear by all peoples of faith. They are values that we at ISAF share in common with the noble and peace-loving people of Afghanistan.

I admire the commitment, devotion, and bonds of community symbolized by Ramazan. I am reminded every day of the resilience of the Afghan people. Their strength, combined with the values of community and cooperation, have enabled the people of Afghanistan to regain sovereign ownership of this proud nation’s future and overcome the dark days of the Taliban. And, at this year’s Eid al-Fitr, there is much to celebrate.”

(ISAF Commander’s EID-al-fitr Message)
You will have to excuse me General but these Muslims are ANYTHING but peace-loving and honorable people. This is a slap in the face to every individual who has taken the time to research and study Islam. I fear your capitulation to their murderous and treasonous teachings and actions have done nothing but strengthen their resolve in destroying not only their own nation, but the United States and our Constitution. I would suggest strongly that you, as well as NASA Administrator, Marine Corps General Charles Bolden, study the Quar’an, study Islam and you will find out the TRUE SOURCE for the more than 19,000 ISLAMIC TERROR attacks worldwide since 9/11.

As a Marine, I have attempted to temper this letter to a level of civility and professionalism, which is not normal of my usual responses to such acts of dishonor and blatant politically-correct BULLSHIT. I love this Nation, and our military forces, and I will support and defend them in any and all manner possible. They are the finest in the world, in every respect, and they deserve not only our support, but they deserve LEADERSHIP. Both in the field and in the White House. I have seen NEITHER since 2009.

I will close this letter and thank you for your previous service to this nation. But I leave you with a suggestion that you should consider strongly: RETIRE. While you still have a sampling of honor and integrity left. The uniform of a Marine Corps General has outgrown you. You have, by word and deed, already left the honor of serving in our nation’s military, and prostituted your dignity among the political cesspool of Washington. And THAT, Sir, is a dangerous proposition for not only our Nation, but the men and women serving under your command.

May God bless and protect you. And may He provide you with wisdom in the future. Semper Fi, Sir.

Robert P. Dean, USMC
Founder, The American Patriot Alliance


*     *    *     *     *     *     *

As a Marine Corps combat and Public Affairs veteran, Robert has seen the cultural and religious differences that have caused the current strife between the United States and Middle East countries, as well as those individuals who are attempting to usurp the Constitution and overthrow the Country. Robert has several years’ experience dealing with political and military issues on the local, state and national levels where he was successful in helping Conservative candidates win election to the House and Senate. He currently focuses his Alliance on enforcement of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, illegal immigration/border security and guarding against foreign groups attempting to undermine the Spirit of American Exceptionalism. Robert was graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor degree in Political science and currently resides with the farm animals in Little Rock, Arkansas.



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