January 19, 2013

Video questions Obama over his children’s school security;
doesn’t mention them by name


In a rather bizarre statement aimed at the NRA, American Patriots and the conservative movement, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a RINO who slid into office on the coattails of the TEA Party movement in 2010, blasted critics of Barack Obama for their use of his children in an video supporting the right of the people and their children to be protected in the same manner as his. In the video commentary it was pointed out that Obama’s children have full-time Secret Service protection as well as armed guards employed at their school. The NRA-sponsored ad asked whether HIS CHILDREN were any more important than our OWN, and whether they should be afforded the same protection in school.

Dear Governor Christie:

I want to respond to you with regards to a recent comment you made concerning an NRA ad that exposed the hypocrisy of the Obama administration’s attempt to disarm the American people, leaving our children unprotected against violence in schools. Honestly Chris, we’ve had about as much of your Obama Love Fest as we can stand. You claim the children of politicians should be exempt from public scrutiny or exploitation, but your double standard fails the test when compared to Obama’s continuous use of children, including HIS OWN, to push his socialist agenda, much along the lines of previous world leaders such as Adolph Hitler, Mao, Chavez and Stalin.

Since prior to the election in November, we have witnessed the continuous prostitution of not only your dignity and moral values, but the very fabric of conservatism you so convincing displayed during the New Jersey gubernatorial campaign, in support of a social, Marxist president who sole agenda is the destruction of the Constitution and shredding of the Bill of Rights in an effort to abolish private gun ownership by responsible, law-abiding U.S. citizens.

You forget Chris, this is an occupant of the Oval Office who has continuously bowed before world leaders as well as every muslim community while providing them with every weapon available, legally and ILLEGALLY. He continues to diminish American sovereignty by usurping the Constitution through Executive Order and Actions, while alienating our staunchest allies such as Great Britain and Israel.

But more importantly, Governor, and let me make this clear to you… In both 2010 and 2012, WE, THE PEOPLE, sent a firm, unwavering message to Congress and to fence-squatting RINOS such as yourself, that pandering to special interest groups, political correctness and an socialist agenda-driven administration for the sake of Political Correctness and expediency would NOT be tolerated, and would be dealt with accordingly. We have been betrayed by the leadership of the House and by our representatives in the Senate.

It appears to us that all of you have refused to take a solid, firm stance against a man whose sole purpose it to destroy the very fabric of American Exceptionalism, while weakening our national security in an attempt to appease his socialist supporters and “fundamentally change America.”

During his most recent news conference announcing his intended goals through legislation, executive order and actions, Barack Obama did in fact, set forth an agenda that seeks to completely eradicate the GOD-GIVEN, and Constitutionally-affirmed, rights contained within the Second Amendment. This, in essence, was a declaration of war against the American people, and yet you continue to come to his defense while pandering to some perceived ideology that lies outside the realm of the conservative movement’s platform of morality and values. The defeat of these measures is absolutely vital if America is to survive as a free Constitutional Republic. What you fail to realize Chris is the growing frustration of the American people with statements such as yours and other RINO members of the community such as John McCain and John Boehner. Our criticisms are not desperate, off-the-wall, radical concerns, but rather an accurate, direct and purposed attack towards a socialist dictator advocating a communist agenda upon the people of the United States. This cannot, nor will this, be tolerated. And we will not condone nor support those individuals, including sitting members of Congress or state and local politicians, who refuse to take a firm stand against this president for their own political advancement.

The time has drawn upon us for a political revolution against those who oppose our agenda while claiming to embrace our values and principles. This should not be construed as a call for the overthrow of the United States government, but rather the removal of an administration who has failed at every turn to uphold and enforce the Constitution, existing laws and the will of the American people. It is our RIGHT, our DUTY and our RESPONSIBILITY as Americans by the design of the Declaration of Independence, and in defense of the most precious gift from God and the most incredible experiment in human government mankind has ever known.

We shall not falter, nor shall we bow down to those who wish America harm. We stand in unity, side-by-side with our brothers and sisters and we shall prevail.

Either you stand WITH US Chris, dedicated to the preservation of America, or you stand AGAINST US. There is no middle ground. There is no fence to straddle. And as God is our witness, in the words of Thomas Jefferson…

“We pledge upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against any form of tyranny of the minds of men.”

God bless you all. God bless America. Semper Fi.

Robert Philip Dean
Founder, The American Patriot Alliance





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