Can America be saved? Yes… and NO!

August 8, 2012

If there must be violence, let it be in MY day, that my children shall live in peace. Let me study War, that my children may study Freedom and Liberty. And if a sacrifice be required to obtain the hopes of a Nation, let it be mine, that the generations of my children and theirs shall be numbered long. So help me God” ~ Robert P. Dean

As Executive Director of The American Patriot Alliance, I’ve had, over the past few months, a lot of members and supporters ask me if, in my opinion, American can be saved. In light of the circumstances and events that have occurred in the past year, whether it be the Occupy Wall Street movement, legislation aimed at reducing our individual rights and liberties such as SOPA and CISPA, or Presidential candidate Barrack Obama’s political posturing in support of same-sex marriage (an issue he was completely AGAINST in 2008), it’s become a valid and reasonable question.

And my reply is simple ~ YES… and NO. So maybe it’s NOT that simple.

Whether America survives or not is going to be determined by several factors, none more important than the Spirit of the American people who BELIEVE strongly enough in her exceptional that she’s WORTH saving — whether we still have the fight left in us we showed in 2010. This is NOT going to be an easy battle, and it is going to take every moment of our lives and every ounce of energy we have to prevail. Barrack Obama is determined, through legal or illegal measures, to facilitate America’s collapse. If we succeed in defeating his socialist/Marxist agenda in November, we have the opportunity to return America to the Nation of Exceptionalism and Respect denied her over the past three-and-one-half years.

During the midterm election in 2010, American Conservative Patriots came together as a tour de force under the banner of the TEA Party and the realization that a democratic-controlled Congress, coupled with a socialist, anti-American President, was leading this country down a road of social and economic decline with reckless abandonment. ObamaCare, unemployment, economic instability and a lack of vision was plummeting American down the side of a mountain into an abyss of moral decay and decadence. From one knee bent in prayer, we stood up together and what we achieved was the BEGINNING of a restoration of the most incredible Nation, a gift from God that represented the greatest experiment in government the world has ever seen. We succeeded… to an extent.

What we face right now is our greatest enemy… and its name is APATHY. We have, for the most part, rested on the laurels of 2010, watching Congress and the Presidency once again determine our own futures. Can America be saved? YES… and No.

There is NO higher office in the Nation… not the Presidency, nor Congress, nor the Supreme Court, nor any state or local government… than that of the American Citizen. This is OUR Country. It is OUR destiny. It is the FUTURE of our children and theirs. What then are we going to say when they ask us, “Why didn’t you do something, anything, when you knew what was happening?” What will our answer be? YES, or NO.

Where we go from here, my friends, is OUR decision, and ours alone. Do we still have the fight in us to reverse the course of destruction set upon us by Congress and the Presidency?

I had a chance recently to meet Colonel Allen West, a man I truly believe epitomizes the mind set, determination and will of the American People. And while it may have seemed an honor to shake his hand, I kept thinking back to all of you. He is but one man, and he can’t win this fight alone. Nor can Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Glenn Beck or Rush. This HAS TO BE OUR FIGHT, and we must have the courage and determination to take it to fruition. We MUST stand together shoulder-to-shoulder and advocate at the top of our lungs, “We will NOT be defeated!” For if we do NOT stand together, surely we will fall apart.

So many of you express the frustrations that have manifested itself across this nation. What can we do? How can “I,” as one person make that difference? Never believe that your words, your actions, your self-determination make no difference in the greater picture of what we can accomplish. A jigsaw puzzle consists of hundreds of pieces that by themselves look much like nothing. But piece by piece, the picture comes together. Each piece intricately woven into the next until finally, the full power and beauty of the picture is revealed. THIS is what we must represent.

I was so fortunate recently to visit some of the most incredible friends I could wish for during a trip to Boca Raton, Florida. During that time, I met more and more people who were expressing the same anxieties and concerns about the future of our nation. As we broke bread together, it became abundantly clear to each of us that’s we’re NOT in this battle alone. We have not only each other, but the power and the might of an incredible God standing ready to shield, protect and provide us the strength to turn the tide in this War on America. We have that fire inside us. We have the resolve. And we MUST come together, REGARDLESS of race, nationality or religious belief against an administration that ran on a platform of unity, yet has done NOTHING in three years other than tear this nation apart, pit race against race, poor against the wealthy Americans against illegal immigrants and fail to treat ALL Americans equally, while pandering to an illegal voter base through lawsuit, threats and intimidation. Our words, actions and deeds MUST once again show the world we will NOT go down without a fight.

Several months ago, Barrack Obama, by his words and the directives of the Department of Justice, attempted to further divide this country, in collusion with two of the most vile racists in America, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, during the national debates over the Trayvon Martin shooting. His comment that Martin could have been his son were not only divisive and intentional, they showed exactly how Obama’s modus operandi worked. Divide and Conquer. Turn everyone against each other. What is most interesting in this respect is the complete and utter disdainful absence of Obama and Holder’s comments with regards to a young man who was doused in gasoline and set on fire for being WHITE? WHERE is Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton on the issue of a white couple who were kidnapped, RAPE, BEATEN, TORTURED and finally brutally MURDERED by 5 men. Is not MURDER MURDER? WHY are we putting a RACIAL spin on it? Are we not ALL Americans or must we continue to live with “hyphenations” so that the “Racist Five” have a purpose in life?

Whether you are White, Black, Hispanic, European or Asian, as an American citizen you have a stake in the outcome of this election… a chance to show that being an AMERICAN transcends those racial and ethnic barriers, and that we stand for the future of our children against individuals such as Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and the myriad others who would have no more satisfaction than to see this country split apart. That is their goal… THAT is their endgame

Throughout the course of our history, we have been challenged at every turn, thrown into constant conflict with forces that wish us not only harm, but complete annihilation. And we have prevailed. Now, once again, we find ourselves backed into a corner… thrown into a battle many of us never thought we’d see in our lifetime. This is OUR WAR. The end result will answer the question, “Can America Be Saved?”

If we fail to come together, side-by-side, providing a 360-degree defense, we will lose and the answer will be a resounding, NO! And what we can achieve was most recently illustrated during the nationwide Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, where an estimated 10 million Americans stood in line for hours to show their support for the First Amendment rights of a fast-food restaurant owner DEMONIZED by leftist intolerance simply because he DARED express his views opposing same-sex marriage. How quickly those same people forget that in 2008 their own Messiah, Barrack Obama, announced he did NOT support same-sex marriage and believed it was between a man and a woman. That is what is necessary to defeat Obama in November and begin the painful process of physical, economic, social and moral rehabilitation.

But I have faith. I have a firm belief and conviction that the same God that gave us this Nation, will see us through until the end. It is His Word and His Promise. When I fall to one knee, I do so NOT in submission or surrender, but rather in prayer and thanksgiving that the Lord, Our God, has blessed me with the knowledge, strength, wisdom and friendships to make a DIFFERENCE in this struggle. The question is, ‘Will you be there with me?’ We can’t do this alone and as God is my witness, I have sworn I will NOT see America fall… not here, not now, now in my lifetime… and not as long as I have a breath in my body and a beat left in my heart.

YES, I believe America can be saved. And I believe too, that everyone of you will stand with me before these forces of darkness and proclaim loudly, “BRING IT! This battle belongs to the Lord, WE are just the instruments of His victory.”

YES… I believe America CAN be saved.


About the author… Robert Philip Dean

As a Marine Corps combat and Public Affairs veteran, Robert has seen the cultural and religious differences that have caused the current strife between the United States and Middle East countries, as well as those individuals who are attempting to usurp the Constitution and overthrow the Country. Robert has several years’ experience dealing with political and military issues on the local, state and national levels where he was successful in helping Conservative candidates win election to the House and Senate. He currently focuses his Alliance on enforcement of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, illegal immigration/border security and guarding against foreign groups attempting to undermine the Spirit of American Exceptionalism. Robert was graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor degree in Political science and currently resides with the farm animals in Little Rock, Arkansas.



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