Ultimate Dream Lost

August 23, 2011

While on a recent trip I was on a train from the airport to my hotel when a group of young people got on. Being that the train car was pretty full it was hard not to hear their conversation.

It was about a dream that so many young people have. Finish their education, find that “special someone,” get married, start a family, and own their own home. One guy even said he wanted a house w/ a white picket fence to grow his family, keep them safe, and give his future wife something to be proud of. To that the young woman of the bunch laughed. She said that was just a fairy tale. Those type of homes, that type of family doesn’t exist.

That caused me to pause.

How very, very sad. Absolutely no hope in the poor girl’s mind to achieve any of that. I was brought up to recognize and strive to achieve much of what that young man wanted. If I worked hard enough and never quit trying these things were possible. There was and is always hope. What must it be like to live without hope of bettering yourself? Without hope to bring yourself out of poverty or whatever desperate situation you might be in?

Then, of course, my mind turned to the plague of big government. There are those in power at every level of government laughing every single day at the dream that millions of young people see slipping away.

You see – not only are we becoming more and more like a nanny state, we’re becoming the ultimate welfare state. With so many bureaucrats trying to restrain our goals through regulations on ourselves and businesses, it makes it easier to sit at home and do nothing and stay on the government’s proverbial teat than go out, get a job, and earn a living.

The young woman who was laughing at this man’s dream of having a white picket fence and a nice home for his family seems to have already realized that with all of the restrictions and lower expectations placed on her, it’s just easier to stay at home and wait on a check or stand in line to get food stamps. How sad to hear that the American dream has morphed into something so… well… dreamless.



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