All Talk, No Action

September 10, 2011

Last night the President gave his first campaign speech…uh… I meant jobs speech. And it wasn’t his first jobs speech, it wasn’t even his second. Obama has given multiple jobs speeches during his tenure as President. In each one he calls for billions of dollars to be spent on “infrastructure” and “clean energy,” all of which have failed miserably.

Noticeably missing from this jobs speech were words like “stimulus” which was recently banned in political rhetoric by Nancy Pelosi, likely due to the negative connotation it has developed over the multiple failed stimulus plans.

Also missing was any discussion about “green” jobs. Odd, considering the clean energy industry was one of the biggest winners of the 2009 stimulus package awarding the energy industry over $17 billion in stimulus money and even more in the stimulus bills since then. Throughout his 2008 campaign, Obama said it was this kind of funding to the clean energy companies that would result in the creation of 5 million jobs. We are still sitting at above 9% unemployment. Not one time did he mention green energy in last night’s speech. Did he decide that after watching the clean energy companies that received billions through the stimulus package either file bankruptcy or move to China, that this program did not work? Any lesser woman at this point would say “I told you so” but, I consider myself a lady and would never say such a thing.

What we did hear, however, was “pass this jobs bill now!” As a matter of fact, this was said a total of 17 times and said with such force and conviction that the listener couldn’t help but think this guy was trying to convince himself of the urgency! Surprisingly, (or maybe not so surprisingly) the bill doesn’t even exist in its legislative form yet. Apparently, Obama’s vacation to Martha’s Vineyard was not a working vacation after all.

I’m sure many listeners were as confused as I was about another important issue: where are the billions for this package going to come from? Can Bernanke really print that fast? Maybe he can. After all, he has been getting a lot of practice recently.

The talking is getting very old. So old, in fact, that the Republicans didn’t even bother to respond to his speech last night.



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